Tatyana Zambrano

Prohibido el borojó y el chontaduro

De la serie: The rehearsal. Portadas de la Revista de la Resistencia, 2018

Fotografía análoga intervenida digitalmente.  ed. 3/3

101 x 77 cm

In the series "El Ensayo" the artist makes use of the archive of her father in the USSR, where he registers the relations with girls and a photographic "rehersal" (essay) on what their life would be like in the USSR before they left Colombia. The artist's father, granted by the Colombian Communist Party in 1965, studied physics and worked on several vacations as an extra in movies, which she has never been able to find.

Through the use of this register, the artist seeks to expose the narratives that try to idealize ideologies. For this reason, in this series, she redesigned eight covers of the magazine "RESISTENCIA", a magazine founded by the FARC (Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia), which has been banned so far in Colombia since 2016. In "The Rehersal”, the artist takes the design of the supermarket entertainment magazines and adapts the covers making use of his father's photographic registers, with the aim of creating her own version of the magazine "RESISTENCIA", which has become a fetish for its images and its secrecy.

In the artist's words “What I want is to confront and see ideologies as created fictions that have a real influence on everyday life, either by creating hope - utopian promises that will never be fulfilled - or by defining values ​​and models of production and consumption. For me, this gesture also has to do with my family, since my paternal grandfather distributed the left-wing newspaper "La Voz" secretly during the 60s and 70s, which seems to me to be a way of recontextualizing this very fact. "