Salomé act. II

Ink on paper

29 x 21 cm


Lucrezia de Fazio in her series of drawings is based on the story of Salome, that character represented in the Bible as the first woman to use her body to subdue a King and execute Saint John the Baptist, a holy man. The dance of Salome, like other women, whether they are praised as the Virgin Mary or disowned as Lilith, Eve, or Mary Magdalene, is only represented in just a few lines in the Bible.

Salomé throughout history was portrayed either by the arts or by literature as the first "femme fatale", modeled and condemned by the male gaze, as that figure that became a source of fantasy and sensuality, but at the same time once personified the eternal fear on the part of masculinity before the rebellion of the women on the machinery that is the patriarchal society.