No hables con nadie, 2020

Lip impression with black ink on cotton

100 x 70 cm


In 1975, the police and fire brigade unions of New York began to distribute pamphlets in the city titled “Welcome to Fear City: A Survival Guide for Visitors to the City of New York ”with the intention of warning visitors about the precautions that they should take before the crime that was lived in that weather. These pamphlets contained advice as imperative as general: from "Don't walk the streets after 6pm" to "Protect your property."


In her work "Fear City", Lucrezia de Fazio presents an installation composed of a series of drawings made in black ink on cotton paper and the printing of lips pronouncing the following phrases: Do not talk to anyone Trust nobody Run away when you can The difficulty of deciphering these phrases through the gesticulation of lips suggests a communication barrier that prevents diffusion of precautions without resorting to fear and paranoia. In such a way, as in the pamphlet, the intent and content of the message are ignored only to take the form of a threat.