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Lucrezia de Fazio - Osaka love hotel - k



Rome, Italy - 1993

Visual artist working across drawing, video installation and photography researching on the sphere of  intimacy, sexuality and the discourse with the other. Drawing is the ground of her artistic research; not only in the more traditional way of ink on paper, but also acts as the supporting frame of video installations, sculptures and performances.  The female body is a recurrent element in Lucrezia’s work; as a subject to be desexualised, self-represented and as a witness of alternating pain and pleasure, violence and tenderness. She’s interested in encounters, with herself and her own body, its texture, its shape, or with someone else, remembering the moment the encounter happened and revealing it. Lucrezia’s work appears as if addressed to someone, like a message to be delivered, an epistolary relationship with the audience, or the recollection of something that happened. It is about intimacy and shared intimacy, memory and desire.

Lucrezia graduated from Central Saint Martins, London. She participated in different artist residencies such as Stokkoya Collaborative Residency, Norway; Casa Lu, Mexico City; ASTRA Volume I, Spoleto, Italy and AZAN Space, Lisbon. She exhibited in different international art fairs such as Salon Acme (7th and 8th edition), Mexico City; SWAB Barcelona (2019) and PhotoMasters London. In 2019 she was finalist in the photography section of Premio Arte Laguna in Venice, Italy.  Her recent exhibitions include Welcome to Fear City (Bodega Acme 2020), Mexico City; Don’t Believe in Moedern Love, Gaivotas 6, Lisbon (2019).

Lucrezia currently lives and works between Lisbon and Mexico City.



Lucrezia de Fazio - Osaka love hotel, 20

Lucrezia de Fazio

Osaka love hotel: Kyoto end blossom, 2019

Inkjet print on cotton paper

60 x 40 cm

Lucrezia de Fazio, Salome atto8, inchios

Lucrezia de Fazio

Salome, 2020

Ink on paper

29 x 21 cm

Lucrezia de Fazio - Hot water and lemon,

Lucrezia de Fazio

Hot Water and Lemon, Lemon and Hot Water, 2015

Video Installation

Lucrezia de Fazio, MXCFMNCD, 2020.jpg

Lucrezia de Fazio


Gold plated brass 18 kt, methacrylate

variable measures

Lucrezia de Fazio - Osaka love hotel - k

Lucrezia de Fazio

Osaka Love Hotel, 2019

inkjet print on cotton paper

60 x 40 cm

Lucrezia de Fazio -No hables con nadie,

Lucrezia de Fazio

Don't talk to anyone, 2020

ink on paper

85 x 125 cm

Lucrezia de fazio- nothing to see, nothi

Lucrezia de Fazio

Nothing to see nothing to hide, 2019

video mapping projection, ceramics, found objects and sound

Lucrezia de Fazio, Love me again, love m

Lucrezia de Fazio

Love me again, love me forever, 2020

Ink on rosaspina paper

70 x 50 cm

Lucrezia de Fazio - Negative dont read t

Lucrezia de Fazio

Negative - Don't read this version #1, 2020

inkjet printing on cotton paper



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