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If we walk in a straight line in any direction, we will inevitably find something or someone to stop us from traveling; It is this obstacle that invariably places us in a negotiation in which, without escape, we must analyze our options and subsequently force us to choose one. This constant decision-making undoubtedly causes us a problem. In this way, the encounter with the other always raises the possibility of conflict and the extent to which it is generated depends on us.

At the end of 2020, after months of confinement and a forced negotiation with our own being and our own space, we continue to believe that for the moment our greatest conflict is with a microscopic virus, without stopping to think about how routine it is live in conflict only with ourselves and with our environment, and that the real enemy is ourselves, we consume ourselves as a society, we use ourselves as a society, we kill ourselves as a society. We fight, we hit, we manipulate, we cut, we pierce, we push, we scream, always showing our encounter with the other; the conflict lives in us, yet we have survived it at least until now. Will there come a point where it is no longer possible? We have seen the sun after every night and that is why we know that there will always be one more day with a new sun, in order to create a new conflict.

AFTER THE STORM questions what happens before, during or after a conflict, understood as a period of crisis; those difficult, dark or deep moments that cause a change, growth or understanding. COVID-19 generated a problem on the planet that touched us all worldwide to live it in the same way, which caused radical changes in our ways of carrying out our daily tasks, using public space, new norms of social coexistence and even self-knowledge. It is a period that has put us to the test, and how we have learned to live.


This is an exemplary crisis without a doubt; But beyond a pandemic as we mentioned, each of us constantly experiences those periods of crisis on a personal level, in which we are forced to accept, act and change to get out of them. When we find ourselves in the middle of a difficult period, once submerged and overwhelmed by endless ideas that spin in our heads and that many times help us to solve the problem and other times to sink a little more, there is a constant thought, all the time: "At some point this has to end" But what will come when it happens?


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