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Santiago de Chile, 1984

José Caerols "Yisa", develops his proposal in relation to the application of power and control over ideas such as identity, territory or migration, and how this friction and force present capacities that define affective, social and political constructions, showing themselves as archaeological representations of a historical system that today is in definition.

Symbolically speaking, it seeks through the research and production field, to give origin and weight to a chain between acts, forms, signs and images, reconfiguring this chain into a visual production that accounts for the latent processes of the themes addressed by each investigation such as ruin, society or work.


Presenting ourselves as a social vein that is linked to economic systems and social relations, analyzing the flaws, precariousness and the fragile balance of power existing in labor relations. Caerols has presented his work at Mario Kreuzberg Gallery (DE), Tecla Sala (ES), CCCB (ES), Santa Fe Gallery (CO), Braga Menéndez Gallery (AR), María José Jove Foundation (ES), Wschodnia Gallery (PL ), the Museum of Contemporary Art of Chile (CL), Animal Gallery (CL), Die Ecke Gallery (CL), Tudor Room, Matucana 100 (CL), among others.




José Caerols

Simbología de lo ajeno, 2019

bas relief in black slate stone

30 x 30 cm each (polyptych 14 pieces)


Jose Caerols

Estandarte - Historias de emocionalidad

(Banner -Emotional stories), 2018

aluminum mast and stitched t-shrits

variable dimensions

Alfredo Stroessner:Lisa Ann .png

Jose Caerols

From the series: The flight of the condor


30 x 24.5 cm


José Caerols

Ideas from America

burned oil and cotton paper

variable dimensions


Jose Caerols

Antrophologies of consumption

Lambda print on acid-free paper

110 x 77 cm


José Caerols

Promisies and Utopias (Captial promises and social utipias, 2019

carved found pieces of carboard and plaster wall



José Caerols

Mucho Drama Griego, demasiada telenovela venezolana, 2019

tattoed sheepskin

110 x 75 cm


José Caerols

The Arrival, 2016

Installation, Vol. 90 m3

paint on canvas, rope, 240 L of burned oil, 200 kg gravel and lumber


José Caerols

Basketball, 2019

tattoed basketball

variable measures

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